[Haiku] Cup of Love

A cup filled with love
Spills over when there’s too much
So please take a sip


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Hidden Jealousy

If she makes you happy
And holds onto you tight
I have no choice but to smile
But that does not mean
I won’t feel a thing
Because a feeling will buried
Deep within my heart
No one would no about it
Sometimes not even me
It is this feeling called

The Leaves

The leaves are dangling
Autumn is coming
I stand there breathing
in the empty morning

The leaves are falling
Autumn is here
I stand there tearing
missing you my dear

The leaves are dropping
Winter is coming
I stand there crying
in front of an empty coffin

The leaves are gone
Winter is here
You were long gone
But I’m still here


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Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
Along with the memories
That brought me pain

But thank you
For teaching me
What love could do
Even if it was never to be

I’ll see you later
Maybe in ten years time
I’ll write you a letter
A reunion of some kind

With a kiss on the cheek
A hug of goodbye
I watch her wave sweetly
At you who smiled

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
My heart sinks deeply
Along with my pain

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[Haiku] 3 Senses

Your touch send shivers
Breathing in the scent of sin
Tasting ecstasy


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The rope tightens
Around her wrist
Her eyes frighten
Hands clenched to a fist

It’s getting tighter
Trapping her arms
Her body gets weaker
Her senses alarmed

It’s really tight
She feels the pain
Her spirit to fight
Dies once again

The tightest rope
Surrounds her neck
Where is the hope
She had a while back?

The loosened rope
Finds someone new
Another lost hope
Another lost few


Wanted to write a poem to end off an assignment, ended up with a suicide depiction. I’m amazing:’)

[Short Story] The Cafe

The cafe was located in the middle of a busy street. It had two floors to cater to the large crowd. The walls were painted a beautiful brown that reminded people of the tree trunks. The rooftop was painted a relaxing green that reminded people of leaves. The tables were of pinewood and so were the chairs. The floors were tatami mats that felt nice to step on barefooted. There were customers who would leave their shoes outside the cafe and not a single one would bat an eyelash. The owners said that their concept was trees. They planned the cafe’s design in such a way that people would feel like they were eating inside a tree.

The cafe served food that was affordable for poor students who lived with their weekly allowance. Of course, it was not cheap but a good enough price to attract teenagers who felt like eating good food. They sold from western style to local Asian delicacies. They also had monthly specials where they served fusion dishes that were always a fan favourite. Food critics said that the quality of food served was nothing special and it could be found in other cafes but their fusion dishes were always unique and definitely worth the money and wait.

The cafe had a line that was ridiculously long outside and would sometimes block the way of others. There were many who complained to the manager that the line would be taking up all the space on the sidewalk. Pedestrians would end up either walking on the dangerous road or squeezing through sweaty people who had been under the hot sun for a long time. The owners had thought of constructing a third floor, making the cafe like an old oak tree. However, they were worried as it meant they needed more staff to cope with the mass but not many people would be willing to work full time in a cafe for long periods of time, wishing to further their careers.

The cafe had workers who would smile passionately at the customers. It was a tiring job for the waiters and waitresses but they always had fun. Music would be played according to the customer’s choice which always ended up being popular English pop that made the workers dance along to when they served the customers’ meals. The owners told the cooks to always have fun in the kitchen and to stick to the recipe but never the appearance. The new cooks would scratch their heads in confusion but the veterans would laugh and put up an ‘ok’ sign. There were customers who would ask for a panda shaped beef and the head cook laughed saying he was not a magician but ended up doing his best to fulfil the customer’s request that came out well.

The cafe was nothing special and yet it was unique. The owners smiled in front of the door and bowed politely.

“Welcome to The Cafe.”

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you?
Your past?
Your pain?
Your pride?

What’s stopping you?
Your hand?
Your hurt?
Your hell?

What’s stopping you?
My face?
My frame?
My fall?

What’s stopping you?
My looks?
My life?
My lack?

What’s stopping you?