It Repeats Itself

Scribble scribble scribble
The sound repeats itself
Scribble scribble scribble
At least time’s not up yet

Sigh sigh sigh
The sound repeats itself
Sigh sigh sigh
At least I did more than half

Erase erase erase
The action repeats itself
Erase erase erase
At least I remember the steps

“Pens down, pens down, pens down”
The action repeats itself
“Pens down, pens down, pens down”
At least it is all over now

A* A* A*
The nightmare repeats itself
A* A* A*
At least I still have my dream



Pressuring Corruption

Smiling from ear to ear
Looking with eyes of fear
Hoping my motives aren’t clear
Standing at the edge

Going along with the flow
You reap what you sow
My heart will no longer glow
Standing at the edge

Looking down from above
I am no longer a dove
My parents gave me love
Standing at the edge

I drop


*I put parents there because even with parents love, someone may still feel depressed a peer pressure.
Spread love and care for everyone, don’t be a bad influence or get involved.

Killing Without Death

The sound of whips
The sound of canes
The sound of weeps
The sound of pain

Feeling of loneliness
Feeling of death
Feeling of coldness
Feeling of despair

Killer of hope
Killer of freedom
Killer of notes
Killer of comfort

Master of eating crap
Master of being obedient
Master of coping slaps
Master of staying silent

Together we feel and hear the same thing.
Maybe the outside may hear and feel it too.
We wonder if they would help us.
Maybe that’s just a dream too.


Inspired by higurashi no naku koro ni kai and the nazis.

*the meaning killer of notes means that they were not able to go to school and couldnt learn. Notes are used to study so yeah.

Treasure Now

I had a feeling in me,
You were the one,
Tied with red strings,
Tangled but not cut.

Now in our own house,
Arranging our sofa,
Finally I’m your spouse,
Can’t wait to be called ‘ma’.

“Mama!” A little girl said,
Smiling as I pet on her head,
“Who is daddy?” She asked again,
“No longer here, I’m afraid.”


Thanks for reading! It’s not some ‘deep’ poem but yeah~