Oh no no no!

Oh no no no!
Looks like I am doomed
Evidences all so clear
I can’t sweet talk…

Oh no no no!
Don’t look at me
I feel guilty already
I fell into jail

Oh no no no!
Stop looking so sad
You really loved me?
I guess I should have too

Oh no no no!
Please get me out
I promise to love you
Forever and ever!!


In the end, the boy was out of the jail XD
I was on hiatus for a very long time because I fell sick and had no inspiration and then a song was stuck in my head and I was like I CAN MAKE THIS INTO A POEM

Inspired by this song:
Name: Love Trial (Renai Saiban)
Singer: Hatsune Miku
Music and Lyrics: 40mp


Bright Future

Look up
Face forward
Your life didn’t end
It has just started

Smile now
Heads up high
You can do it
Throw your past away

Move up
Legs climbing
Up the staircase
Of your beginning

Go now
Eyes open
Look at the sky
It is a great day

Live life
That is all
Just keep going
Have a great future

A poem for anyone who has lost hope!!!


Staggering to the room
I can’t feel my legs
My head is burning
I can’t breathe

Dropping on my bed
I can’t feel my arms
My nose is burning
I can’t breathe

Eating porridge slowly
I can’t feel my tongue
My mouth is burning
I can’t breathe

Using the computer
I can’t feel my butt
My fingers are burning
I can’t breathe

A poem about how I am feeling right now because I am sick and having a bit of fever and my flu won’t go away. I wonder what this poem looked like at first. Hahahahaha
PS: Why am I still using the computer, I should be resting but whatever.

Personality of Sadness

Did something happen?
Everything is alright
No worries honey

Did something happen?
I understand you
Let it drip down

Did something happen?
That lump in your throat
As you grab your heart

Did something happen?
Oh dear! Oh dear!
Your eyes are swollen

Did something happen?
Everything is alright
As you keep worrying

I might or might not be out of point. Hahahahaha