Thank You

It has been great
Meeting you and all
A wonderful memory
Yes indeed it was

But it felt short
Like only yesterday
We awkwardly greeted
With uncertainty

Ah, what a shame
I didn’t say it
A secret voice
Lingering inside

“You look handsome!
Only today though!”
“Same goes for you!
First time in a dress?”

Today I clap my hands
For a beautiful girl
In a fluffy white dress
Whom I barely knew

Oh well, now I can’t
Say those words
But I will say this:
Thank you

School started and I feel like dying T_T
I feel so stressed out since I have N levels this year. Not O levels but still very stress ok?!?!?!


So Near Yet So Far

My mouth opened slowly
I breathed in deeply
“Boom!” The fireworks said
“Sorry I didn’t hear you”
Ah, so near yet so far

I try it one more time
With more courage this time
“So you were here!” She said
“Coming! Let’s talk later”
Ah, so near yet so far