[Short Story] She

You talk about the biggest catch in the sea. How she stayed with you even though you screwed up big time. How she was always there for you when you needed her emotional support.

You talk about your heartbreak. How she left because she could no longer stand your mixed messages. How she threw your things into your face with a note of thanks. How she crashed your world in all sorts of ways.

You talk about finding a new love. How she had the same thoughts as you. How she could catch your wavelength that not many could do. How she was there in your hardest times. How she comforted you in the way you wanted to.

You talk about being lonely. How she was not looking for love. How she wanted to focus on her responsibilities in life. How she brushed you off simply as a fling. How she hugged you a last goodbye leaving you to dust.

You talk about breaking down at home. How she caused you an emotional rollercoaster. How she watched you suffer in pain. How she threw the consequences you had to bear. 

You talk about everything. How she… How she… How she…

But where am I?


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