[Haiku] Too Much

Throwing my voice out
Trying to win against her
Too much jealousy


In A Room

In a room I cried
It said it was okay
But I knew it lied
When real world came

The room beside mine
There was another one
Who was anything but fine
Depression who had won

There was a room across
And I barged into it
Because another loss
Would have killed me

So I would rather hide
All my little cries
If it meant that I
Could save you

2 Seconds

And then you told me “It is okay to be sad”
“Just cry as much as you can”
But the music ended for a mere 2 seconds
The singer finished his last sentence
And it was enough for pure madness
It was enough for pure silence
That was nothing but painful
So noisy I couldn’t hear you

But at least the next song would play
Then the cycle goes on again and again

Because the music ends for a mere 2 seconds

Left Alone

Matching footsteps
“Step step step”
Matching chatter
“Bla bla bla”
Matching laughs
“Ha ha ha”

Missing human
“Wait wait wait”
Missing voice
“Listen listen listen”
Missing love
“Cry cry cry”

The Hushing

The chattering
The mumbling
The gossiping
The hushing

The laughing
The mocking
The sneering
The hushing

The fighting
The hitting
The beating
The hushing

The blaming
The pointing
The lying
The hushing

The Villain Was Me.

Men are the enemies
They are all the same
They will hurt your heart
And treat you like dirt
And then you meet the one
Who will treat you just right
Holding you tight
And never letting you go
So you start to question it
How can this be true
Start pushing him away
Until it’s way too late
Then you realised

Men are not the enemies
They are all not the same
They will mend your heart
And treat you like gem
But I was the enemy
I was the one who pushed you
Pushed you off the cliff
Though you were struggling for me
Thank you for everything
I wish you well
Because in this story
The villain was me.


Just get up
Just go out
Just stand up
Just sort out

Just stop whining
Just keep smiling
Just stop crying
Just keep laughing

Just go study
Just do something
Just don’t be lazy
Just be something

Just shut up
Just get out
Just zip up
Just stay out

Just shut up.

To be Broken

I was prepared,
my heart was ready.
To be broken

I knew it would happen,
one way or another.
To be broken

I waited for it,
for tears to fall.
To be broken

I smiled as you spoke,
and went home alone.
To be broken

I will always love you,
and I will continue
to be broken.