The Villain Was Me.

Men are the enemies
They are all the same
They will hurt your heart
And treat you like dirt
And then you meet the one
Who will treat you just right
Holding you tight
And never letting you go
So you start to question it
How can this be true
Start pushing him away
Until it’s way too late
Then you realised

Men are not the enemies
They are all not the same
They will mend your heart
And treat you like gem
But I was the enemy
I was the one who pushed you
Pushed you off the cliff
Though you were struggling for me
Thank you for everything
I wish you well
Because in this story
The villain was me.



Just get up
Just go out
Just stand up
Just sort out

Just stop whining
Just keep smiling
Just stop crying
Just keep laughing

Just go study
Just do something
Just don’t be lazy
Just be something

Just shut up
Just get out
Just zip up
Just stay out

Just shut up.

To be Broken

I was prepared,
my heart was ready.
To be broken

I knew it would happen,
one way or another.
To be broken

I waited for it,
for tears to fall.
To be broken

I smiled as you spoke,
and went home alone.
To be broken

I will always love you,
and I will continue
to be broken.


A piece,
then another.
One more,
it falls.
on the ground.
Not a
sound it
brings to the
world that
I called


You were cute
With eyes smiling
Lips parting
Voice deepening

You were awful
Leaving me alone
Having fun on your own
When we had flown

You were caring
Listening to me
Though you’re not free
Searching for me

You are horrible
Stealing my heart again
Falling for you again
Saying you love me again
Over and over again


Look at that, an update after a hundred and one years later:’)

The Leaves

The leaves are dangling
Autumn is coming
I stand there breathing
in the empty morning

The leaves are falling
Autumn is here
I stand there tearing
missing you my dear

The leaves are dropping
Winter is coming
I stand there crying
in front of an empty coffin

The leaves are gone
Winter is here
You were long gone
But I’m still here


Amazing that I managed to update so fast:O

Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
Along with the memories
That brought me pain

But thank you
For teaching me
What love could do
Even if it was never to be

I’ll see you later
Maybe in ten years time
I’ll write you a letter
A reunion of some kind

With a kiss on the cheek
A hug of goodbye
I watch her wave sweetly
At you who smiled

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
My heart sinks deeply
Along with my pain

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