To be Broken

I was prepared,
my heart was ready.
To be broken

I knew it would happen,
one way or another.
To be broken

I waited for it,
for tears to fall.
To be broken

I smiled as you spoke,
and went home alone.
To be broken

I will always love you,
and I will continue
to be broken.



You were cute
With eyes smiling
Lips parting
Voice deepening

You were awful
Leaving me alone
Having fun on your own
When we had flown

You were caring
Listening to me
Though you’re not free
Searching for me

You are horrible
Stealing my heart again
Falling for you again
Saying you love me again
Over and over again


Look at that, an update after a hundred and one years later:’)

Hidden Jealousy

If she makes you happy
And holds onto you tight
I have no choice but to smile
But that does not mean
I won’t feel a thing
Because a feeling will buried
Deep within my heart
No one would no about it
Sometimes not even me
It is this feeling called

The Leaves

The leaves are dangling
Autumn is coming
I stand there breathing
in the empty morning

The leaves are falling
Autumn is here
I stand there tearing
missing you my dear

The leaves are dropping
Winter is coming
I stand there crying
in front of an empty coffin

The leaves are gone
Winter is here
You were long gone
But I’m still here


Amazing that I managed to update so fast:O

Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
Along with the memories
That brought me pain

But thank you
For teaching me
What love could do
Even if it was never to be

I’ll see you later
Maybe in ten years time
I’ll write you a letter
A reunion of some kind

With a kiss on the cheek
A hug of goodbye
I watch her wave sweetly
At you who smiled

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
My heart sinks deeply
Along with my pain

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[Short Story] She

You talk about the biggest catch in the sea. How she stayed with you even though you screwed up big time. How she was always there for you when you needed her emotional support.

You talk about your heartbreak. How she left because she could no longer stand your mixed messages. How she threw your things into your face with a note of thanks. How she crashed your world in all sorts of ways.

You talk about finding a new love. How she had the same thoughts as you. How she could catch your wavelength that not many could do. How she was there in your hardest times. How she comforted you in the way you wanted to.

You talk about being lonely. How she was not looking for love. How she wanted to focus on her responsibilities in life. How she brushed you off simply as a fling. How she hugged you a last goodbye leaving you to dust.

You talk about breaking down at home. How she caused you an emotional rollercoaster. How she watched you suffer in pain. How she threw the consequences you had to bear. 

You talk about everything. How she… How she… How she…

But where am I?

[Short Story] Secretly in Love

I was lying on my bed at 10.30pm, I had school the next day so I wanted to sleep early. Suddenly, I felt an urge to send a message to my crush, so I did. He didn’t reply to me after 10 minutes so I placed my phone on the table beside my bed and attempt to fall asleep.

An hour later, my phone’s screen lit up and I grabbed my phone to see a reply from my crush. Excitedly, I typed a response. We talked for about two hours but most of the time, I was just waiting for his reply. Getting the feeling I was being bothersome, I ended with a long message and a ‘goodnight’. He replied with a short message and I switched off my phone.

I kissed my phone before placing it on the table again. With a silly grin on my face, I tossed and turned on my bed, squealing as silent as I could. It would be nice to know if he feels the same. That’s impossible though.

Being in love feels great but I am just having my mini fantasy. It’s not real and I know it won’t be. Let me enjoy this moment as I continue to be crazily in love with you, in secret.


Based on a true story.

(Then again I was like 12, such cringe)

I wish

I wish
I was impulsive
I was direct
I was brave

I wish
I was impressive
I was pretty
I was cute

I wish
I wish
I wish


Confess before it’s too late. Even if there is a big chance of getting rejected.

Little I Knew

Little I knew
I like you
Kept on looking
Eyes not listening!

Little I knew
An arrow went phew
Kept on hurting
Heart not listening!

Little I knew
Dropped a stew
Kept on shaking
Hands not listening!

Little I knew
I love you
Kept on kissing
Lips not listening!


Yay for being inactive hahahaha!! Happy endings!!! This was made out of a wimp~