[Haiku] Your Jacket

I wear your jacket
Sniffing the insides of it
Enveloped in warmth


A Text

It was just a text
A simple sentence
Of extreme anger
About a small matter
I said sorry
I’m really sorry
But you left me
Because all I could see
Was my selfishness
Ruined happiness
My stupid rashness
Led to sadness
Even though
It was just a text.

Never Listen.

You never listen.
Not understanding
the conversation
that is happening

You never listen.
When I tell you
simple instruction
on what to do

You never listen.
Hugging me tight
in my bad condition
I said I’m alright.

Roses are Red

Roses are red
Violets aren’t blue
Some things I made
Weren’t actually for you

Sunflowers are yellow
Lavenders aren’t blue
I was stupid to follow
The flirtatious you

Baby breaths are white
Daisies aren’t blue
All we do is fight
Shouting “I hate you”

Roses aren’t red
Violets are blue
Then again
I love you

To be Broken

I was prepared,
my heart was ready.
To be broken

I knew it would happen,
one way or another.
To be broken

I waited for it,
for tears to fall.
To be broken

I smiled as you spoke,
and went home alone.
To be broken

I will always love you,
and I will continue
to be broken.