Hum, Sing, Play that Music

Hum away
Hum it again
Hum one more time
Hum hum hum

Sing away
Sing it again
Sing one more time
Sing sing sing

Play away
Play it again
Play one more time
Play play play

Inspired by the song called Mr Music (Vocaloid)


Tokyo Teddy Bear[NOT MINE]

I tell myself that I will be, oh-so-loved
If I could only, find a stronger blade
I would cut off my face!

Those spoken words that tell me, in my head, I will be alright
I just need to clear my crazy filled mind ….

Why not, I dont know?

I got hurt while playing with the creation of tomorrow

And closing the empty gap, behind the broken seams

Japanese Lyrics translated to English【NOT BY ME】

Song Title: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Lyrics and Music: Neru
Sung by: Kagamine Rin


I found this song with wonderful meaning and I really like the tune! This is just a small part of the song!
My next post will be my normal daily poem no worries!