Personality of Sadness

Did something happen?
Everything is alright
No worries honey

Did something happen?
I understand you
Let it drip down

Did something happen?
That lump in your throat
As you grab your heart

Did something happen?
Oh dear! Oh dear!
Your eyes are swollen

Did something happen?
Everything is alright
As you keep worrying

I might or might not be out of point. Hahahahaha


Personality of Anger

Come to me
Closer now dear
You’ll feel great
As you let it all go

Run to me
Closer now dear
You’ll feel amazed
As you scream it out

Listen to me
Closer now dear
You’ll feel relaxed
As you despise more

Return to me
Closer now dear
You’ll feel hatred
As you come nearer now

Stay with me
Closer now dear
You’ll feel worse
As you are trapped

I liked my poem persinality of envy, so i think i will make a series of this. I will categorise it in “personalityfeelings”!!!!
Leave a comment! I love to read them!

Personality of Envy

I’ll show you
A wonderful world
It’s a hundred percent
Definitely for you

I’ll make you
Someone great
An amazing feeling
This is just for you

I’ll let you
Understand this
Fantasy land
Created for you

I’ll keep you
Forever and ever
Inside crazy world
Simply cause of you

I’ll remember you
And it’ll go on
Lovely isn’t it
Destroying you

I’ll love you
Make you feel pain
Over something
Made up by me and you



Inspiration from CHESTER MAYNES!! I was looking over his blog and I saw a poetry that made me want to do a version of my own. In a more dark way.
I was thinking more like a perspective of envy itself like if it was a real person, how would it be like? How would it feel when it makes you envy other people.
I initially put jealous but envy is a stronger word for this strong emotions kind of poem.
Tell me what you think!!!!

******Thank you Chester Maynes for liking most of my poems! This is dedicated to you!****** (If I notice that you like or comment on a lot of my poems, I will write a poem dedicated to you, you can also request for a poem! I will tag your name.)