Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
Along with the memories
That brought me pain

But thank you
For teaching me
What love could do
Even if it was never to be

I’ll see you later
Maybe in ten years time
I’ll write you a letter
A reunion of some kind

With a kiss on the cheek
A hug of goodbye
I watch her wave sweetly
At you who smiled

Slowly but surely
These feelings will fade
My heart sinks deeply
Along with my pain

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[Haiku] 3 Senses

Your touch send shivers
Breathing in the scent of sin
Tasting ecstasy


Credits to a friend who helped with the last line, you know who you are😏😏


The rope tightens
Around her wrist
Her eyes frighten
Hands clenched to a fist

It’s getting tighter
Trapping her arms
Her body gets weaker
Her senses alarmed

It’s really tight
She feels the pain
Her spirit to fight
Dies once again

The tightest rope
Surrounds her neck
Where is the hope
She had a while back?

The loosened rope
Finds someone new
Another lost hope
Another lost few


Wanted to write a poem to end off an assignment, ended up with a suicide depiction. I’m amazing:’)

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you?
Your past?
Your pain?
Your pride?

What’s stopping you?
Your hand?
Your hurt?
Your hell?

What’s stopping you?
My face?
My frame?
My fall?

What’s stopping you?
My looks?
My life?
My lack?

What’s stopping you?


Today I.
Sit all alone.

I guess.
I am not.
Around people.

Look at.
My lonely.
And stupid self.

Can you
please be my
reason to live?


A wilting flower
Surronded by
Blooming colours
And pretty lies

A dying heart
In the middle
Of moving parts
That like to meddle

A fading soul
Crowded with
Demonic blows
And dark fists


Tears forming
with emotions
that were hurting
and need attention

Tears gather
in my eyes
blurring all other
painful lies

Tears well up
threatening me
to just give up
and let them free

Tears spilling
with emotions
that were hurting
Maybe I’ll get some attention


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The sound of rain
They remind me
Of all the hidden pain
You had to bear within

The sound of wind
They are a reminder
For hard work you did
With your hidden power

The sound of thunder
They always remind me
You are a hidden winner
Even without the trophy