[Haiku] Scars

Wishing on a scar
I whispered gently to it
May you never heal


Roses are Red

Roses are red
Violets aren’t blue
Some things I made
Weren’t actually for you

Sunflowers are yellow
Lavenders aren’t blue
I was stupid to follow
The flirtatious you

Baby breaths are white
Daisies aren’t blue
All we do is fight
Shouting “I hate you”

Roses aren’t red
Violets are blue
Then again
I love you

If I Was Dead

If I was dead
I hope everyone would smile
Like a happy occassion
Where everything is perfect
As everything was perfect

If I was dead
I hope everyone would laugh
Like a joyous celebration
Where everyone will dance
As everyone would dance

If I was dead
I hope everyone would clap
Like a loud congratulations
Where everything is beautiful
As everything was beautiful

If I was dead
I hope everyone would bring flowers
Like a momentous graduation
Where everyone will remember
As everyone would remember

The Clock Ticks

The clock ticks
Laying in bed
With nothing to do
I lay

The clock ticks
Crying in bed
With so much to do
I cry

The clock ticks
Resting in bed
With guilt from above
I rest

The clock ticks
Sleeping in bed
With no joy or love
I sleep