Wrong or Acceptable? *Extra Haiku at the End*

Gays are a taboo
Lesbians are too
Shaking your body
Have more dignity!

They’re human too
That is so true
Change your thinking
They’re not disgusting

Expose all of you
They think it’s cool
Only i dont like it
Well done society


Title: My Stand
I am gonna be
Sticking close to my beliefs
Understand my dear?


Remember me?

Remember me?
You filthy peasant
I’m sure you don’t

Remember me?
Time travel a little
Maybe you would

Remember me?
You laughed so hard
I cried so much

Remember me?
Look at me now
Can’t you see

Remember me?
I’ll send you to hell
Like you did to me

Physics Love

Where the wire curls
Where the current flows
My heart just decides
Where it wants to go
Right hand grip rule

Where the apple dropped
Where the field pulled
My heart gets sucked into
Where it wants to go
Undeniable gravity


Drowning in a Wave of Sadness

Hoping to find happiness
Chasing is awfully relentless
I fell into loneliness
Drowning in a wave of sadness


Inspiration from
Song: Drowning in a wave of sadness
Music and Lyrics by: Neru
Sung by: Kagamine Len

Love Is So Not Fairytale

Fairytales are nonsense
They are just fantasies
Different from reality

Fairytales are gross
They are just disgusting
Different from people

Fairytales are nothing
They are just meaningless
Different from feelings

Fairytales are stupid
They are just made-up
Different from love


This poem I put my real feelings in this. The person I want to tell to won’t read or understand this anyway.

Tokyo Teddy Bear[NOT MINE]

I tell myself that I will be, oh-so-loved
If I could only, find a stronger blade
I would cut off my face!

Those spoken words that tell me, in my head, I will be alright
I just need to clear my crazy filled mind ….

Why not, I dont know?

I got hurt while playing with the creation of tomorrow

And closing the empty gap, behind the broken seams

Japanese Lyrics translated to English【NOT BY ME】

Song Title: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Lyrics and Music: Neru
Sung by: Kagamine Rin


I found this song with wonderful meaning and I really like the tune! This is just a small part of the song!
My next post will be my normal daily poem no worries!

Embarrassed Girl

You are so annoying!
So irritating!
Can’t you get going?

You are so childish!
So selfish!
Can’t you get punished?

You are so dense!
So immense!
Can’t you understand?

I L_O_V_E you!


I don’t

I don’t need you
To write my story
To make me smarter
To set my goals

I don’t have to
Go with the flow
Go live normally
Go get normal jobs

I don’t want to
Have everything planned
Have my path paved
Have met you

I don’t wish to
See unhappiness
See rejection
See you